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Cayoose Creek Solar Retrofit Project

Congratulations on your interest in the Cayoose Creek solar retrofit project! Phase I will involve identification of 18x homes for installation of solar, prioritizing Elders and members on disability. Subsequent phases will expand the project across the community. 

Members can sign-up to the program at the Band Office reception, or by clicking the Program Sign-Up button.

Why install solar panels?

Lower Energy Bills

Typical home solar systems (eg. 10x panels of 500 watts each) can save approximately $1000 per year on your BC Hydro bill. Plus, Solar energy is sustainable and will never run out.

Incentives & Grants

Cayoose Creek has secured grant funding to cover 100% of the installation costs for the solar systems. This means that participating members can receive a completely FREE solar system. 

Simple Maintenance

Once solar panels have been installed and are working at maximum efficiency, there is only a minimal level of maintenance required, simplified by online system monitoring. 

What's involved?


Community Meeting, Jun 17

- Presentations at 10:30am and 4:30pm

- Snacks provided!!


Home Evaluations, Jun 17-21

- A solar specialist will visit your home to evaluate it for technical feasibility.

- Approx 40 min.


Home Confirmation & Design Start, Jul

- Selected homeowners will receive a customized solar proposal for their home. 

- After accepting the proposal, work will start on design & permitting.


Installation, Aug-Sep

- Visits will be scheduled Aug-Sep to complete wiring and solar panel installation.


Project Completion, Oct-Nov


- Final inspections & approvals

- Project completion report provided to homeowners

- Enjoy your clean, green energy savings! 

Reference Projects
Ready to Go Solar?

Members can sign-up to the program at the Band Office reception, or by clicking the button below:

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